Monday, September 14, 2015

Absolutely Beautiful Sunflowers

Some of the farmers in Northern MD plant huge fields of sunflowers and people love visit & take tons of pictures.  Saw lots of parents trying to convince their kids to smile....yup I was one of them - even bribed Lilah that we could go to Chick-a-lay if she would smile for me - LOL.

Walked down to the fields and boy were Lilah & Ady excited that there were three horses there getting their pictures taken too!  After we saw the horses they didn't care about the sunflowers anymore.  The girls riding the horses were so nice and let the girls pet the horses - they were very patient horses too.  Ady kept "talking" and pointing to the horses and Lilah was telling her "Ady go ahead and pet 'em."

And the horses!!

Lilah wanted her picture with the horse, but this was as close as she would get

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